IHEEM Requirements and Expectations

It is an obligation of membership of IHEEM that CPD is planned, undertaken and recorded.  In particular, IHEEM Council, National Committee members and Branch Committee members should lead by example. 

IHEEM recommends that members carry out regular reviews of their career aims and objectives and identify education, training and assessment needs.    Having identified such needs, members should then ensure that sufficient CPD activities are undertaken to meet such needs.

All members of IHEEM are expected to:

  • Be committed to continuous learning and improvement
  • Own their own development
  • Manage their development in a systematic manner – in particular through the processes of planning, doing, recording and reviewing
  • Provide evidence of their development, when required
  • Focus development on achieving outputs, defined through professional or other competence standards

Professional Development, as evidence of commitment, is a clear obligation of membership of IHEEM.  Planned professional and personal development through the acquisition of knowledge and the enhancement and assessment of skills is the basis of CPD.

Those members wishing to transfer to a higher grade of membership must provide evidence of their CPD activities.

Registration with the Engineering Council places obligations on registrants to maintain and develop professional competence.

This aide-memoire might be useful:


  • Think about your goals
  • Think about what you need to do to achieve them
  • Prioritise
  • Set objectives
  • Write them down


  • How will you achieve your plan?
  • Know yourself!
  • Make time to make it happen
  • Gain support


  • Your diary should tell you it is time to review
  • Consider each item on your plan – have you achieved it?
  • How well have you got on?
  • Ensure you review short and medium goals regularly
  • Get planning again!


  • Keep a log of your learning
  • Review your learning
  • Decide what competence each piece of learning is linked to
  • Collect evidence

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