Record Keeping

As a professional, you have a responsibility to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. CPD helps you turn that accountability into a positive opportunity to identify and achieve your own career objectives.

At least once a year, we recommend you review your learning over the previous 12 months, and set your development objectives for the coming year. Reflecting on the past and planning for the future in this way makes your development more methodical and easier to measure. This is a particularly useful exercise prior to your annual appraisal!

Some people find it helpful to write things down in detail, while others record 'insights and learning points' in their diaries as they go along.   This helps them to assess their learning continuously. These records and logs are useful tools for planning and reflection: it would be difficult to review your learning and learning needs yearly without regularly recording in some way your experiences.

CPD is an investment that you make in yourself. It’s a way of planning your development that links learning directly to practice. CPD can help you keep your skills up to date, and prepare you for greater responsibilities. It can boost your confidence, strengthen your professional credibility and help you become more creative in tackling new challenges.   CPD makes your working life more interesting and can significantly increase your job satisfaction. It can accelerate your career development and is an important part of upgrading to chartered membership.

It is strongly recommended that you maintain a personal portfolio. This will assist you in a number of key aspects related to your career:

  • You will be able to provide documented evidence of your commitment to your chosen profession; and of your continued competence
  • It will act as an excellent reference, both in the updating of your Curriculum Vitae and in recalling details of topics you have studied
  • It will be a most useful aid in your career development, providing a means by which you can plan, record and review your relevant activities

Any IHEEM member who wishes to upgrade their membership will be required to provide a copy of their up to date CPD record to show that they have maintained appropriate CPD


IHEEM, in conjunction with a number of other professional engineering Institutions, has developed an on-line method of recording CPD and progress towards stated targets. To access this on-line system, click here.

There are a number of others ways in which this may be done including, quite simply , an A4 ring binder, but  whichever method is chosen, what needs to be recorded remains the same and may include:

  • Your Development Plan – based on your identified needs
  • Certificates showing the competence or qualifications you have gained
  • Examples of work which demonstrates your competencies
  • Description of projects/courses etc you have undertaken and your resultant development
  • Other relevant documentation

These may be recorded under such critical headings as:

  • Date (of activity)
  • What did you do?
  • Why?
  • Who was the organiser? (of the activity)
  • What did you learn?
  • How will you use this? (at work in the future)

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