Mike Arrowsmith

1998-2000 - Mike Arrowsmith

Mike Arrowsmith began his career in healthcare with the Sheffiled Regional Hospital Board in 1960, starting as a trainee, and becoming - as a technical officer - involved with the design and commissioning of numerous healthcare building projects.

In 1972 he went on to work with Building Design Partnership (a multi-disciplinary design practice) as a project engineer, and was very much involved in the development of the Leeds Medical School and Leeds Royal Infirmary.  He joined the Department of Health in London in 1975, spending the final part of his career in the NHS in what had become NHS Estates (an executive agency of the Department of Health), where he was Chief Engineer for seven years.

In 1996 he formed Arrowsmith and Associates, an independent healthcare engineering practice based in south eastern England which specialises in medical gas and supply systems, hot and cold water services, the control of Legionella, and ventilation systems.

Throughout his career Mike Arrowsmith has been involved with varous British, European, and international Standards, and the development of Departmental guidance on medical gas pipeline systems, in particular Health Technical Memorandum 02, the initial guidance documents on specialsit ventilation systems that have now been incorporated into HTM 03, and the development of guidance leading up to, and the preparation of, HTM 02 among other projects.

He currenlty sits on IHEEM's Professoinal Development Committee, its Journal Sub-Committee, and the Institute's Medical Gas Technical platform.  He is also HEJ's Technial Editor.

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