Lucas Scholarship Award

The Lucas Scholarship was created in the mid 1980’s in recognition of Bernard Lucas’ efforts for the Institute and to encourage up to two young members of the Institute to participate in events such as the Annual Conference at no cost to themselves.

Dr. B.G.B Lucas was president of IHEEM (The Institute of Hospital Engineering, as it was then) from 1973 to 1975. As an apprentice Bernard Lucas helped to build the Schneider Trophy Seaplane S6B. Due to the depression he left aeronautics and studied to become a doctor. On qualifying he joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve and worked on high altitude research projects. After demobilisation Dr Lucas worked at a variety of hospitals; his main projects involved chest and heart surgery.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations will be accepted from branches officers.
  • The Award Working Group shall be the Membership Committee.
  • The award shall be made to two members to attend the annual conference at the expense of the Institute.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • Members who have, ideally, been members of the Institute for 2 years or less. In exceptional circumstances applications will be considered from established members.
  • Members who have been seen to take an active interest in the Institute or from established members who have played a significant part in the Institutes activities at branch or national level. This may include new members who have volunteered to sit on branch and national committees or working groups, submitted an article to the Health Estate Journal or spoken at an IHEEM event.

For further information on the award’s past winners, rules and conditions and to submit an application form, please call the IHEEM Head Office on 02392823186.

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