William E Schall Award

The William E Schall Award was established by the Society of X Ray Technology which merged with IHEEM in 1990. The award commemorates the life of William Ernest Schall who was first president of the Society in 1954 and remained an active member until his death in 1965.

William E Schall was one of the oldest members of the British X-ray industry, having joined his father as manager of Schall and Son in 1909. He became Governing Director of Schall & Son in his father’s retirement in 1912. His career, as Director, later Technical Consultant, continued through various mergers and acquisitions until shortly before his death. By this time the name was preserved in Solus Schall Ltd which, together with General Radiological Ltd and Solus Electronic Tubes Ltd, had been acquired in 1949 by Murphy Radio and in 1962 by the Rank Organisation.

Nomination Process

  • The award winner shall be selected by an Award Working Group established by the Council.
  • The Award Working Group shall consist of a representative of the Institute, a representative from the University of Kingston upon Thames, and a representative from Eastwood Park.
  • The announcement of the award shall be made at the IHEEM President's Address and also reported in the Health Estate Journal. The winner will be encouraged to publish an article in the Health Estate Journal based on their work undertaken during the Foundation Degree Course in Medical Technologies.
  • The award will consist of a certificate and a cheque for £50.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • The award is given annually to either a member or non-member who has undertaken the foundation degree course in medical technologies.
  • The award assessment is based on a paper with a topic of: Electrical Biomedical Medical Engineering.

For further information on the award’s past winners, rules and conditions and to submit an application form, please call the IHEEM Head Office on 02392823186.

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