Becky Hill
Founder of Solutions 42



Becky Hill is independent water, decontamination and infection prevention consultant.  Becky has worked as a research scientist in applied biology and microbiology before venturing into the corporate world of water purification and quality assurance.  She is a certified AE(W) (Authorising Engineer for Water) and co-wrote chapter 11 in “Decontamination in hospitals and healthcare” edited by Dr J Walker of Public Health England initially published in 2014 and recently revised November 2019.

Becky specialises in holistic education integrating human science with specialist subjects, straddling engineering and clinical governances. She is qualified in adult education and training which she combines with cultural transformational tools for creating measurable performance improvements for individuals, teams and organisations.  She has been an invited speaker at various professional conferences both in the UK and abroad with her latest speaking experience in Melbourne Australia at SRACA (Sterilising Research Advisory Council of Australia (Vic) Inc).

Session Summary:

In the safety-critical healthcare environment with its many departments, multi-disciplined roles and responsibilities it can be challenging to get things ‘done’. It takes a whole team approach to patient, staff and visitor safety where we need to look at human factors vs systems and processes. When ‘near misses’ or adverse events occur who really is responsible for the outcomes?  In this talk, we explore the actions of ‘responsibility’ and how to use feedback (not criticism)  to your advantage preventing repetition of repeated patterns which create the ‘risky’ situations.

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