London & South East Branch AGM & Presentation on Resilient Power Quality

Start date: 14/03/18

Booking deadline: Wed 14 Mar 2018

Venue / location: The Bathroom, 2nd Floor, London

The London & South East branch event invite you to their AGM on Wednesday 14th March, with a start time of 6.30pm.  It will be held at The Bathroom, 2nd Floor, 99 Charterhouse Street, London  EC1M 6HR.

The evening will commence with the Branch AGM followed by a presentation given by John Sams of Gamatronic UK Ltd.

Gamatronic is a Global Leader in Modular UPS Equipment and is a supplier to the NHS for UPS Solutions. The speaker will cover the following:

  • Typical UPS Loads
  • Benefits of improved power quality
  • Management of Harmonics/Disturbance
  • Standards/Guidelines
  • Ups Configuration and Static UPS overloads
  • Enviromental concerns
  • Energy Storage and Batteries
  • Generator Sizing Guidelines
  • Improving Resilliance and availiabilty

There will then be a short QA session and light refreshments.


If you wish to come along, please contact either Alan Gascoine or Stephen Perfect; or 07882 566248.