Conor Ellis

Conor Ellis

Conor Ellis, Partner at Rider Levett Bucknall

Conor is the Head of Health and Partner of RLB in the UK, leading major health and social care assignments. Conor has experience in healthcare delivery ranges from strategic planning to operational commissioning and efficiency reviews, covering primary, community and particularly acute projects. His focus is on achieving sustainable healthcare delivery, matching investment to new ways of working. 

Conor has 25 years’ experience in the health industry, including previous operational experience of running clinical divisions  regional health initiatives and national studies.
He has worked on more than 125 projects with a capital value of more than £12billion worldwide including major UK projects like Central Manchester, Tunbridge Wells and UCL to projects like HMC Qatar and Karolinska Sweden. He has worked on more than 35 primary, community and mixed use schemes from St Andrews Scotland to ACADS in Slovakia.

Additionally Conor is also one of the approved national Construction Industry facilitators for healthcare (DQI) reviewing practice and stage reviews.  He has been part of several national groups  from looking at KPIS for the NHS to  work on the Lord Carter estate group. He has written more than 45 articles on healthcare and carried out conference talks in several countries.

His recent commissions include master-planning input for the Royal Berkshire Hospital, and business cases  Sheffield Mental Health and Brighton Community trust and the development of a  new large scale Primary care hub near London.