North East Branch Technical Seminar - Medical Gas Systems

Start date: 23/11/17

Booking deadline: Wed 22 Nov 2017

Venue / location: Board Room, Hartlepool Hospital,

The North East Branch invited you to their Technical Seminar on Medical Gas Systems.

The event will be held on 23 November 2017 from 13.00-16.30 at the Board room in Hartlepool Hospital.

Health Technical Ltd will be presenting on HTM 02-01, examining how advances in technology and outcomes of observations of current practice relate to guidance in both the current edition of HTM 02-01 and its potential replacement.


Medical Gas Systems: Is HTM 02-01 still applicable to current practice?

Session 1: Advances in technolog and potential for conflict with current guidance

Session 2: What has real life taught us?

Round up: The future of HTM 0201


If you would like more information on this seminar, have a look at the flyer attached.



If you should wish to come along, please contact Ken Holmes at

If any of your colleagues wish to come along as well, please bring them but do advise Ken beforehand.