North West Branch Technical Seminar - Lighting for WELL Buildings - And Christmas Meal

Start date: 07/12/17

Booking deadline: Wed 06 Dec 2017

Venue / location: ARUP, 6th Floor, Three Piccadilly Place, Manchester

The IHEEM North West Branch invite you to their December Technical Seminar, followed by their annual Christmas meal. It will be held at ARUP, 6th Floor, Three Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN. Commencing at 6pm, seminar to finish at 8pm.


18.00 - Arrival and networking

18.30 - Presentation

19.30 - Q&A Session


The presentation will begin by looking at the broad concepts that can be addressed with Lighting Design, before focussing in on Lighting for Biological Activation. Known by many descriptions such as; Circadian Lighting Design, Human Centric Lighting, Melanopic Lux and Lighting and Wellbeing.

The body of knowledge and understanding regarding this fascinating area of lighting application has increased at a dramatic pace. After a quick recap of the basic physiology of the eye, we will explore the mechanism by which light becomes a primary driver of the body clock and sleep/wake cycle. Links will be subsequently made to key biological systems within humans. the implications for day-to-day life will be explored, along with applications in such areas as education, healthcare and commercial spaces.

A technique for quantifying Biologically Active light will be presented along with example calculations for a sample office installation. The presentation will close with a detailed and solutions focused analysis of the WELL Building Standard's section on Circadian Lighting Design. there will additionally be an opportunity to Q and As after the presentation. Models, samples, demonstration pieces and handouts will be available during the seminar.


  • Martyn Whittaker - Business Development manager - Luxonic

Following the presentation all in attendance will be welcome to join the Region at Tops Buffet restuarant for our Annual Christmas Meal.


If you should wish to come along, please contact Alistair Cameron at

If any of your colleagues wish to come along as well, please bring them but do advise Alistair beforehand.