IHEEM Authorising Engineer (Decontamination) Register

IHEEM has maintained the Register of Authorising Engineers (Decontamination) since 1996.

The AE(D) Register is maintained on behalf of IHEEM by the AE(D) Registration Board.

Download your copy of the current AE(D) Register

The current membership of the Registration Board is:

Graham Stanton    Chair
Bob Kingston IHEEM Decontamination Technical Platform*      (Vice-Chair)
Richard Bancroft IHEEM Decontamination Technical Platform*
Robert Allan IHEEM Decontamination Technical Platform*
Sulisti Holmes   Health Facilities Scotland
David Pollock   Department of Health; Northern Ireland
John Prendergast                             NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
Brian Kirk Association of British HealthTech Industries
Tim Sizer Pharmaceutical Representative; NHS
Alan Clark Institute of Decontamination Sciences                                  
Robert Spencer Consultant Microbiologist
Information only:  
Andrew Bent Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority
Mike Ralph NHS Improvement                

* The representation of the DTP on the Board consists of three IHEEM Registered AE(D)s, one of which should be the chairperson as agreed by the Technical Platform.