Lawrence Turner

1979-1981 - Lawrence Turner

Although well past the normal age for retirement, Lawrence retains an ongoing interest in IHEEM affairs. He has long encouraged the development of an effective role for Past Presidents and has, for some years, provided an excellent venue for the annual Past-Presidents' Meeting and Luncheon, and has been a source of sound advice for many Presidents embarking on their two-year term.

In 1964 he founded Static Systems Group (originally Static Switching), a specialist in alarm and communication systems, which grew steadily to become a leading nurse call, bedhead services trunking, and fire alaram systems provider. Underpinning the company's growth and success has been his commitment to R&D.  Static Systems is now largely run by younger members of his family, but he maintains a strong and active interest.  The company remains a regular and reliable supporter of both IHEEM and HEJ.