Medical Devices Technical Platform (MDTP)

The Technical Platform for Medical Devices (MDTP) is the IHEEM focus area for technology matters relating to this subject.

The MDTP will provide information and guidance for members and advise on matters of special interest as they arise. They will promote and support technical papers, which can be printed in the HEJ. They will also be asked to provide comment on HTMs, HBNs and CFPPs and other guidance from the Department of Health and the Devolved Authorities.

If you are an Individual Member of IHEEM or an Affiliate Member of IHEEM and have a Technical Enquiry, please contact the Technical Platform Sectretary, Clair Wilkins

deMDTP Chairman:  David Easton MSc CEng FIHEEM MIET

I am a director and lead consultant for Zener Engineering Services Ltd."
"I am a Chartered MSc qualified Engineering Manager / Consultant, with over 20 years experience gained predominantly by working for world-class pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and the NHS, at varying levels of seniority. A Master of Science postgraduate in Pharmaceutical Engineering from Manchester University, my studies include all round aspects of Pharma / Medical Device Manufacturing and Estates and Facilities engineering. Areas of expertise include: Asset / Medical Device Management, Decontamination, Quality, Compliance, Project Management / Engineering, Process & Utility Design & Validation, EBME, Computer Systems Implementation/Validation (CSV), Commissioning, Qualification, Estates and Facilities, Instrumentation and Electrical.

If you feel that you would like to be involved with the MDTP please contact at IHEEM.