IHEEM Code of Conduct

All IHEEM members are obliged to adhere to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct which places a personal obligation on members to uphold the dignity and reputation of the profession and to safeguard public interest.  Each member undertakes to exercise all reasonable professional skill and care, and to discharge this responsibility with integrity.

Members shall read the Statement of Ethical Principles published jointly by The Engineering Council and The Royal Academy of Engineering in conjunction with this Code of Conduct.

Further guidance:

Guidance on Sustainability

Guidance on Risk

Guidance on Whistleblowing

Guidance on Security

Members may be subject to Disciplinary Regulations, including having membership withdrawn, should a breach of the Code be found to be proven.

Those members who are also IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineers are additionally subject to the Code and Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations for Registered Authorising Engineers

Periodic review of the Code of Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations will take place by reference to the guideline Code and Disciplinary Regulations recommended by the Engineering Council and the Royal Academy of Engineering Diversity guidelines.

These editions of the Codes of Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations replace all previous editions with immediate effect.   Latest Update: 5 November 2019