Neil Weller

Neil Weller

Neil Weller C.Eng FIHEEM FCIBSE, Partner at Troup Bywaters+Anders 

Neil joined Troup Bywaters + Anders in 1984 and became Managing Partner in 2007. He entered the industry following an indentured apprenticeship path and is passionate about giving young people from all walks of life the same opportunities he had.

Neil formalised the Troup Bywaters + Anders apprenticeship scheme in 2012 in anticipation of the introduction of the levy, however the initiative started as early as 2009 and this was a way of trying to help youngsters in the recession of that time. Apprentices currently form 20% of our business with 44 employed through this initiative with a 90% retention rate.

The scheme at Troup Bywaters + Anders has been externally recognised as the one of best apprenticeship programmes in the country for a business of its size. 

Neil acted as lead employer to help develop approved Level 3 and Level 6 design Trailblazers, simultaneously setting bespoke college courses which historically had not met the company's needs.

He is chair of the London Apprentice Ambassadors Network encouraging other businesses to join and increase their apprenticeship drive with a particular emphasis on diversity and equality.