IHEEM 75 - Celebrate with Us

15 January 2018

This year marks IHEEM’s 75th anniversary, providing the Institute with a golden opportunity to celebrate and further raise its profile.

The anniversary year is being celebrated locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through a programme of special events. Supporting the events programme, there is a range of new projects and initiatives for members, branches, affiliates, and stakeholders to become involved in.




Highlights of the anniversary year include:

  • A series of round table events being held across the country. The first of these will be held in London in March featuring a select panel of Past Presidents of IHEEM discussing the key challenges facing the sector. If you would like to become involved in future round table events looking at topics including: diversity in the sector, apprenticeships, technicians and tradesmen, then contact IHEEM for further details.
  • A drinks reception held in the head office city of Portsmouth on 28 August, marking the 75th anniversary date will be attended by local dignitaries, members and stakeholders.
  • IHEEM summer events will feature a series of local activities supported by branches and company affiliates.
  • A special 75th anniversary dinner will be held as part of the IHEEM 2018 Regional Conference and Exhibition in Cardiff.
  • The IHEEM annual conference, exhibition and awards dinner – ‘Healthcare Estates’ will provide a focus for the anniversary year.
  • The IHEEM President’s Address and Awards Ceremony will celebrate the accession of the new IHEEM President as they set out their vision for the future of the Institute.
  • The ‘IHEEM 75 Partner Programme’ will encourage company affiliates to actively take part in the anniversary by hosting an event. This could be a technical session, tour of a facility, networking event, drink reception or other types of events. IHEEM will help promote the event as part of the anniversary events programme, providing opportunities to raise the profile of and showcase the work being undertaken in the sector by IHEEM company affiliates.
  • A series of questions will be posted throughout the year on twitter and LinkedIn encouraging users to engage in discussion on key topics related to ‘what IHEEM means to me’.
  • ‘The IHEEM Handbook’ will be a new annual directory featuring key information about IHEEM, the work being undertaken in the sector, how to develop your career and showcasing our company affiliate members.
  • Honorary Fellowships will be awarded to the 25 members who joined IHEEM before 1970.
  • Honorary Apprenticeships will be awarded to the first 25 apprentices who become members in 2018.
  • Members who celebrate their 75th birthday in 2018, will receive a special birthday gift from IHEEM.
  • IHEEM will shortly be announcing its official ‘charity of the year’ which the Institute will be supporting during 2018.
  • A monthly prize draw for members to win a goody bag of gifts.

How you can become involved

Whether engaging with your local branch, joining IHEEM at one of the regional or national events or taking part in an anniversary projects, - the 75th anniversary is also your celebration. Here are some ideas on how you too can become involved:

  • Share your memories of IHEEM and how the sector has changed.
  • Host an event as part of the ‘IHEEM Partner Programme’.
  • Join in the discussions online by following us on twitter @IHEEM and use the hashtag #IHEEM75.
  • Attend IHEEM’s annual ‘Healthcare Estates’ from 9-10 October and celebrate with us as we look back on our heritage and forwards to the next 75 years.
  • Become more engaged with your local branch this year, to find out what is happening near you.
  • Tell us what IHEEM means to you.
  • Sponsor a project or event and raise your profile across the sector.

If you would like further details on the 75th anniversary programme, then have a look at or contact the head office on 02392 823186 or email,

We look forward to celebrating with you as we mark this key milestone in our history.