A Breath of Fresh Air – One Week To Go

08 June 2017

Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) 03 provides guidance on the design and management of heating and specialised ventilation in health sector buildings.

The HTM gives comprehensive advice and guidance on the legal requirements, design implications, maintenance and operation of specialised ventilation in all types of healthcare premises and applies to new installations and major refurbishments of existing installations.

Next week (15 June), the IHEEM Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Energy (HVAC & Energy) Technical Platform will be presenting a seminar looking at key themes related to the HTM 03 guidance.

The event, 'A Breath of Fresh Air' will be held at Sheffield United Football Club in Sheffield. The day will be split into three three-hour sessions from which delegates can choose which they can attend featuring presentations by Graham Powell, a Senior Partner at Graham Powell Consultants and the new chair of the HVAC & Energy Technical Platform and Richard Knight, the Director of Richard Knight Consultancy.

Introducing our speakers

HVACE speakers

Graham is a Chartered Engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the design, construction, and operation of Building Services systems for Commercial, Educational, Healthcare, Residential, Retail, Mission Critical and Leisure Sector Clients. For the last 10 years, he has developed the Healthcare sector of the business and has attended and passed courses for Authorised Person and Authorising Engineer covering HTM’s 02, 03, 04 and 06. Graham is Chairman of IHEEM’s HVAC and Energy Technical Platform, a founding member and Chairman of the SVH society -a society for practicing Authorising Engineers and others interested in Specialised Ventilation in Healthcare Premises; and a committee member of the new CIBSE Healthcare Group Committee.

Richard is a highly knowledgeable specialist in healthcare ventilation with over 30 years’ experience in healthcare estates management, mostly from within NHS Trusts. Richard is also a Chartered Engineer, an Authorising Engineer and a founding member and the Chair of the CIBSE healthcare group, past Chair, and Hon Secretary of CIBSE South West Region. He has similar interests in Healthcare Electrical Systems including Medical Locations, and Water Systems amongst others.

Seminar preview

The seminar will provide an overview of the aims and objectives for the new HVAC & Energy Technical Platform and will focus upon key themes related to the HTM 03 guidance including:

  • Why should we comply with HTM 03 and HBNs?
  • What is required to meet the HTM 03?
  • Why validate or verify a healthcare ventilation system?
  • Why verify to HTM 03 and not HTM 025?
  • Is a theatre a clean room?
  • Does microbiological testing need to be carried out under HTM 03?
  • What is required for validating and verifying a healthcare ventilation system?
  • Why and what is required to carry out quarterly inspections?


With a week to go, places are going fast for each session. So be sure to book your place now to avoid disappointment.

IHEEM members and NHS delegates can attend for just £29 +VAT; non-members and others for £49 +VAT.   



HVACE seminar - 1wk to go