Be part of the IHEEM Awards Committee

20 November 2018

The Institute has for many years recognised the contribution of its members and colleagues in the sector by the presentation of awards to outstanding individuals, particularly those who have developed the work of the Institute.

IHEEM is now seeking to form a Committee to take this initiative to the next stage. The work of the Committee will focus on:

  • Considering the current awards structure and recommending appropriate changes as IHEEM moves into the next 75 years!
  • Developing a new structure that recognises the current environment in which IHEEM and its members live and work.

This Committee will require a wide variety of members who have:

  • An interest in recognising the achievements of others
  • An understanding of how the recognition of performance may be a motivating factor for others
  • A desire to contribute to the wider work of the Institute

The commitment is likely to include periodic face to face meetings, but the bulk of the work is likely to be carried out by electronic communication.

More information on our awards.


If you are interested in being part of this Committee, please contact us.