Conference programme announced for Hospital Innovations 2018

23 March 2018











IHEEM are the official event partner of Hospital Innovations 2018  which will be held on 6 June at the University College London.

The conference will look at ‘Innovation in Support of the Patient’ and will feature a keynote presentation from Simon Corben, Director and Head of Profession NHS Estates and Facilities.

Conference sessions include:

'The UK's First NHS High Energy Proton Beam Therapy Unit is Completed' - Jason Dawson, Director of Capital, Estates & Facilities - The Christie NHS Trust

  • PBT in the UK calls for bold and brave management
  • Innovation drives cost-efficiencies
  • Facilitating a coaching culture is essential for innovation

'Saving money by making things last longer' - Elaine Gray, Purchasing Lead - NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

  • How to set up an asset reuse network
  • How to identify suitable items to repair
  • How to link up with unusual partners to get results
  • How to overcome barriers
  • How to get people to participate in your project

'Taking the "OUCH!" Out of Emergency: The Children's Emergency App for Evelina London Children's Hospital' - Martin Jones, Director - Art in site

We are finding that the app carries significant benefits to users, staff, and service:

  • It helps to remove the ""fear of the unknown"", and so reduces stress and anxiety about treatment
  • It maps out the service in a child-friendly way, offering patients a sense of orientation throughout their journey, thus reducing agitation, confusion, and aggression
  • It also helps to build trust in doctors, and thus improves doctor-patient relations during treatment (further saving time and money, and reducing stress for families and staff)
  • It carries public health benefits by educating children and families on accident prevention


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