Systems engineering in healthcare

25 September 2017

Healthcare professionals and engineers partner to test new engineering model for health and social care improvement

IHEEM, together with IPEM and CIBSE, has had significant involvement in a new Royal Academy of Engineering report: 'Engineering Better Care - a Systems Approach to Health and Care Design and Continuous Improvement'.

This preliminary report, in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians and the Academy of Medical Sciences, is based on ‘an extended conversation within a unique forum of experts’ – systems engineers, health and care professionals, quality improvement experts, and patient representatives.

The report outlines the findings of the work, which aimed to define and describe the engineering systems approach, and explore, with healthcare leaders, whether it could be applied in health and care.

It provides a clear definition of a systems approach, setting out a framework and tools for its implementation in health and care, and presenting case studies. It is aimed at stimulating conversation with funders, healthcare provider leaders, and teams and individuals delivering quality improvement and service design.

Its ideas and tools can be used for improvement ‘by everyone in health and care roles in all professions, clinical and non-clinical – from the smallest local teams, to the largest national organisations’. Representatives from IHEEM, IPEM, and CIBSE will discuss the content and findings during this year's Healthcare Estates Conference on 10 October in the 'Engineering & Facilities Management' conference stream.


You can download the report from the Royal Academy of Engineering's website.