Peer Review Interview


Registration will be conducted by the AE(E) Panel and will take the form of a Professional Review consisting of:

Scrutiny of the Application Form.

Scrutiny of the submission by the applicant of a written Practice Report of 2000 words + appendices, outlining the experience and type of work carried out.

Scrutiny of the applicant’s CPD log.

Interview by the Panel.

Confirmation of completion of a recognised course for Authorised Person (Electrical) in the last 3 years and agreeing to complete the HTM 00 AE Foundation Course within 12 months of registration, if not already completed.

The Interview

Your review will be treated as confidential by the Institute and the interviewers.  However, it is your responsibility to obtain from your employer any clearance required under the Official Secrets Act or any other restriction placed on you by your employer.  Whilst the Act and the need for commercial confidence will be respected by the interviewers, the interview panel will probe sufficiently to obtain satisfactory answers to demonstrate your general and specialist knowledge of Electrical Operational Safety matters.

Although time constraints will not allow the interviewers to visit all topics the interview will be based on some of the following:

Exercising impartial technical judgement at an appropriate level. What are your precise current or most recent responsibilities?

Understanding of, and involvement in, financial and commercial considerations.

Keeping abreast of changing technology, standards and legislation.

Demonstrating an awareness of processes other than your areas of specialisation.

Discussion of a recent project or piece of work in which you were personally involved. This could be accompanied by brief and limited documentation.

Your communication skills.