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Shire Controls

Shire Controls has been manufacturing medical gas alarm systems for almost 40 years and even the earliest systems can still be upgraded or extended to suit a hospital’s need to adapt.

Our strength is that we produce alarms that connect via our own signal protocol and so all our products are 'back-compatible'.

Where customers want to upgrade their systems, this can be done in a single phase or on a alarm-by-alarm basis as budgets allow.

All Shire Controls' alarms are HTM 02-01 and Model Specification C11 compliant and carry a ten year warranty and a ten year compatibility guarantee, ensuring the availability of equipment for future system expansion and maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for Plant and Area alarms, Pressure Sensors or Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Plant and Control.

You’ll discover how we have built a reputation, stretching back over three decades, for an unbeatable combination of expertise and commitment to service.

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