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Starkstrom's mission is to provide clinical and electrical infrastructure solutions to Hospitals for their critical areas by offering high quality products and services for improved patient outcomes, process and cost-efficiencies.

Since 1995, Starkstrom has specialised in the design, supply, manufacturing and servicing of Medical IT Systems (IPS/UPS), Touchscreen Theatre Control Panels. Starkstrom also manufactures a wide range of Medical Pendants which starts at the S100 rigid ceiling mounted pendants up the S500 dual arm articulated pendant for use in Critical Care areas such as HDU and ITU.

Starkstrom has been the UK distributor of the KLS Martin range of Operating Lights since 2004 and has installed over 750 sets of operating lights throughout the UK. KLS Martin has a full range of lights from Exam Lights, Minor Procedure Lights right up the very latest Operating Light the brand-new X Series.

Starkstrom is also the UK distributor for the OPT range of operating tables and Atmos flow meters and suction products.

For further information visit, email or call 020 8868 3732