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T-Safe Point of Use Filter, Hygiene Shower and Panel Shower Solutions has been designed to meet the demands of water safety in the healthcare sector. Our range of innovative products help to protect patients from the risk of infection from waterborne pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas.

We focus on simplifying compliance management, reducing maintenance and delivering cost savings. T-Safe has been effective in supporting Estate teams across the UK and Ireland. By improving water safety and becoming part of an effective water safety strategy.

T-Safe Point of Use filtration has a sterilising grade membrane. Providing an effective barrier to the release of microorganisms such as Legionella. Effective as a short-term or long-term control solution, T-Safe Point of Use filtration has a 92-lifecycle making longer-term use an affordable option.

T-Safe Hygiene Shower has antibacterial technology and colour coded. Helping to improve patient safety and infection control while reducing maintenance and simplifying compliance. T-Safe Hygiene Shower delivers cost savings through our range of compliance schemes, Quarterly Replacement, Self-Maintenance and Shower Management.

T-Safe is trusted by hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland.

For further information visit www.t-safe.co.uk, call 028 38 894 455 or email info@tandrup.co.uk.