Technology Platform Committee

The Technology Platform Committee was created by Council to act as the focus for technology matters, creating IHEEM policies on issues affecting Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management, advising Council on the significant issues arising, and managing the Institute’s technical responses and activities.

The Committee is comprised of:

Andrew Mark Ward IEng MIHEEM - Chairman of the Technology Platform Committee

Dr Nick Hill FIHEEM - Chairman of the Water Technical Platform

Mike Ralph BEng CEng FIHEEM - Chairman of the Medical Gas Technical Platform

Graham Stanton IEng FIHEEM - Chairman of the Decontamination Technical Platform

Mark Richards BEng (Hons) CEng MIHEEM - Chairman of Electrical Technical Platform

Adrian Lee BEng (Hons) IEng MCIBSE, MIHEEM, MIET - Chairman of Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Energy Technical Platform

Dr Manju Patel BSc MBA FIHEEM - Chairman of Architecture and design of the Built environment

David Easton MSc FIHEEM MIET - Chairman of Medical Devices

Ian Rowlan Eng Tech MIHEEM - Chairman of Specialist Engineering

Graham Marsh MSc CEng FIHEEM - Chairman of Resilience and Sustainability

Secretarial duties for the Committee are carried out by Clair Wilkins, IHEEM's Administration Coordinator.

Terms of Reference

The Committee's Terms of Reference are currently being revised.

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