The Lord Carter Innovation Award

Lord Carter Innovation Award winnner 2017

The Royal Wolverhampton Trust - Winners of the first Lord Carter Innovation Award in 2017.

At the Hospital Innovations Conference and Exhibition held on 25 - 26 April 2017, IHEEM presented the first 'Lord Carter Innovation Award'.

The Lord Carter Innovation Award is presented to the NHS Trust or organisation that best demonstrates one or more of the following:

  1. Use of innovation and/or innovative practices in delivering substantial savings, efficiencies and carbon reductions to the Trust
  2. Delivering operational efficiencies and savings through the introduction of new engineering innovative technologies.
  3. Evidence of transformation of staff practices through the introduction of new technology or innovative working practices.

Following an open submission process, the 28 entries were reviewed by a judging panel comprising of IHEEM Past Presidents, each of whom have a wealth of experience from across the sector.

The top 10 entries were then shortlisted and invited to attend Hospital Innovations 2017. Lord Carter presented the award on the morning of the conference at the Olympia in London. The results were:

  • Winner: The Royal Wolverhampton Trust: 'Delivering operational efficiencies and savings through the introduction of new engineering innovative technologies'.
  • Runner up: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: 'The use of active and passive RFID systems, adopting GS1 standards, are integral for effective medical device management. Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have used RFID and GS1 to ensure maximal asset utilisation, aiding productivity'
  • Highly commended: East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust: 'RFID device tracking at East Kent Hospitals increases efficiency, reduces costs, saves time and helps improve CQC rating'
  • Highly commended: Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: 'How it’s used innovative technology to secure efficiency and productivity gains'

We are delighted with the response from the sector and the high calibre of submissions received. This was echoed by some of the judges’ comments on entries:

  • ‘Good idea with what appears to be successful results’
  • ‘Very impressive and delivers on the criteria. Easily replicated across the globe’
  • ‘Meets all the criteria and the submission eloquently demonstrates benefits in financial and patient terms’
  • ‘Good use of existing technology’
  • ‘Comprehensive estate rationalisation and improvement exercise with demonstrable benefits in energy efficiency, cost savings and quality improvement’
  • ‘Good management of the estate using technology’
  • ‘Very impressive example of effective and comprehensive application of technology to bring about real improvements in productivity, efficiency and patient experience in the operation of a major acute trust’

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