Volunteer of the Month

As well as celebrating our 75th anniversary year we are also celebrating those volunteers that the Institute heavily relies on. For this year we are running a prize draw and every month there will be one lucky volunteer drawn at random.

Those winners to date are:

January Richard Bancroft     valued contribution on the Decontamiation Technical Platform
February Richard Best valued contribution on the Governance & Compliance Technical Platform and as a Membership Reviewer
March Mike Arrowsmith valued contribution on the Professional Development Committee, the Journal Sub Committee and the Medical Gas Technical Platform
April Stephen Lloyd valued contribution as a Council Member and on the Electrical Technical Platform
May Duane Passman valued contribution on the Conference & Exhibition Committee
June Bob Sanders valued contribution as West Midland's Branch Secretary
July Paul Wheldon valued contribution on the Electrical Technical Platform
August Eddie McLaughlan valued contribution as a member of the IHEEM Council and Management & Finance Committee

If you'd like to become a volunteer of the Institute then please contact us.