Water Technical Platform (WTP)

Are you the Responsible Person for water?

Interested in Legionella?

Not sure about Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

Concerned about scalding protection?

The Water Technical Platform (WTP) is the IHEEM focus area for technology matters relating to this subject.

The WTP are available to provide information and guidance for members and advise on matters of special interest as they arise. They will promote and support technical papers, which can be printed in the HEJ. They will also be asked to provide comment on HTMs, HBNs and CFPPs and other guidance from the Department of Health and the Devolved Authorities.

Got a question for the WTP? Send them an email now.

  Nick HillWTP Chairman: Dr Nick Hill, BSc MSc MBA PhD DIC CBiol MSB FIHEEM

"I am a Fellow of IHEEM and act as the Chair of its Water Technical Platform. I have spent 35 years working on all aspects of water and am currently Director of Water Quality London.

I have been employed by a water authority, on corrosion research, undertaken research at a sewage works and worked for an industrial water treatment company. Thereafter I served as an independent consultant advising organisations on borehole feasibility, process water treatment, wastewater minimisation, groundwater contamination, effluent treatment, drinking water treatment, water quality troubleshooting, etc.

For the past 31 years I have advised clients about water in buildings and Legionella / Pseudomonas in particular.

I have served private and public service organisations as a consultant for 28 years. My role at Water Quality London includes acting as AE (Water), consultant and expert witness for organisations which manage properties and their water systems in London. I also present training courses for Responsible, Authorised, Competent Persons and Risk Assessors."

If you feel that you would like to be involved with the WTP please contact the WTP Chair alternatively please contact clair.wilkins@iheem.org.uk at IHEEM.