Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 00, Policies and Principles of Healthcare Engineering, describes the structure and the core suite of eight subject areas for guidance.

Chapter 3 of HTM 00 summarises the professional support and management structures required to implement the HTMs for the role of Authorising Engineer (Water) (AE(W)):

“The AE will act as an independent professional adviser to the healthcare organisation. The AE should be appointed by the organisation with a brief to provide services in accordance with the relevant HTM. The professional status and role required may vary in accordance with the specialist service being supported.

 The AE will act as assessor and make recommendations for the appointment of Authorised Persons (APs), monitor the performance of the service, and provide an annual audit to the DP (Designated Person). To effectively carry out this role, particularly with regard to audit, the AE should remain independent of the operational structure of the healthcare organisation.” [Paras. 3.16 and 3.17 – HTM00]

HTM 04 sets out guidance for Safe Water in Healthcare Premises:

Part A – Design, Installation and Commissioning

Part B – Operational Management

Part C - Pseudomonas aeruginosa – advice for augmented care units

Chapter 6 of HTM 04-01 Part B summarises the relationship with the healthcare organisation’s Water Safety Group (WSG):

The WSG should be led and chaired by a person who has appropriate management responsibility, knowledge, competence and experience. Where required, it may appoint in writing an independent professional adviser/Authorising Engineer (Water) with a brief to provide services in accordance with this HTM and the HSE’s technical guidance HSG274 Part 2.” [Para. 6.8 – HTM04-01 Part B]

IHEEM maintains a Register of Authorising Engineers (Water).   Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced practioners, who wish to be considered for entry to the Register.

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