Notice of Annual General Meeting

THE INSTITUTE OF HEALTHCARE ENGINEERING AND ESTATE MANAGEMENT (“The Institute”) Notice of Annual General Meeting NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 54th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Institute will be held onTuesday 21st December 2021 at 2:00 PM virtually, via GoTo Webinar. Shareholders and members may not attend in person. You are invited to attend and vote … Read more

Estates and Facilities Spotlight Day

In October 2020, the NHS became the world’s first health service to commit to reaching net zero carbon. Thanks to the efforts of staff across the NHS, we’re already making progress towards this ambitious goal. Across the NHS, we are developing more sustainable ways to deliver care, reduce waste, electrify transport, improve nutrition, and save … Read more

Climate Change – Harnessing the promise of Future Engineers

The Industrial Revolution was enabled by some of the greatest feats of engineering innovation. The introduction of new machinery, methods of production and power sources led to large-scale productivity and a rocketing standard of living.  Industrialisation brought transformative benefits that have enabled us to get the life that we know today, but at great cost … Read more